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Performance is a medium that has marked the opus of Vlasta Delimar. She started her artistic work in the late 1970s and focuses on questions of identity, own personality, relationship towards herself and her own relationship towards the outside world. She has been based on exposing and breaking the taboos related to the female body and its codification through stereotypical roles and expectations by choosing her own naked body as the primary medium of her work and provided an intimate view into her life. The artist's body has been the focal point of all her performances, happenings and photographic works. Delimar utilises her own body as her object and artistic material and strictly features her naked, erotic body and self-portraits.

In her photographic collages Vlasta Delimar examines the status of a woman as a social and creative being, and her multiple roles as a housewife, mother, artist, lover by expanding the range of her own sensibility and sensuality.

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