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Vlado Martek was born in Zagreb, and graduated from the University of Zagreb with a degree in literature and philosophy. By vocation Martek is a multimedia conceptual artist, poet and writer, and his oeuvre includes actions, agitations, ambiances, murals, graffiti, texts on his own art and on other artists, prints, art postcards, sculptures, poetic objects, paintings, art books and staged photography. Martek's work can primarily be seen as avant-garde poetry. In this, he follows the tradition of other authors working in experimental poetry in the 20th century, standing opposed to the dominant lyrical paradigm of European literature.

One of the concepts Martek is most interested in is that of pre-poetry, or the idea that poetry is not a finished, isolated work, but rather comes through the poet, and through the actual conceptualising and writing process. Consequently, Martek is suspicious of the poetry book or collection, considering it to be an artificially 'complete' form. Instead, he has published twenty-two samizdat books of pre-poetry to date, which are hand-bound collage works consisting of drawings, prints, photos and poetry, and which he distributes himself.

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