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Curriculum vitae

*1956 in Zagreb, Croatia
lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia


Vlasta Delimar is a multimedia artist. 1977 graduated from The School of Applied Arts in Zagreb. Studied History of art and Ethnology. Membership at Croatian Association of Artists and Croatian Freelance Artists Association.Vlasta Delimar started her artistic work in the late 1970s when post-conceptualist scene in Croatia and former Yugoslavia was at full intensity. From the very beginning of her activity, she has been building her artistic opus quite confidently. She rejected formal education as inadequate, conservative and outdated, and broke with traditional principles of artwork development by focusing on actions, happenings and performances. By choosing her own body as the primary medium of her work, Vlasta Delimar has defined her position as distinguished, autonomous artist with no direct successors, but also no predecessors; in the 1990s, Croatian art critics attempted to define her work as opus appertaining to feminist art, first-person artwork, body expression, an ego trip...
She is an Art Manager of the Art organization „My Earth, Štaglinec"

Selected performances

2018 Dolina (the first part of the "Diptych Dolina...Magda"), HNK Ivana pl. Zajca, Rijeka, Croatia
Magda (the second part of the "Diptych Dolina...Magda"), MSU Zagreb, Croatia
Dolina ( the first part of the "Diptych Dolina...Magda"), Teatar &TD, Zagreb, Croatia
The Right To An Orgasm At Over 60, 14. Culture Shock Festival, Klub kulture - Križevci, Croatia
2017 The Right To An Orgasm At Over 60, Queer festival, Zagreb, Croatia
2016 I am 60, Gallery Rigo, Novigrad/Cittanova, Croatia
The Right To Orgasm In The 60s, DOPUST Vienna, Gallery Michaela Stock, Vienna, Austria
Monumental Bang (with Marko Marković), Gallery Michaela Stock, Vienna, Austria
2015 Dead Gordanas II (with Milan Božić), Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia
Erszebet Bathory (with Karlo Pavičić), Schlachthaus Theater, Bern, Germany
2014 My Teporary Home, Museum of contemporary art, Zagreb, Croatia
An Invitation To Socialise, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia
Io Sono Uno Buono Persona, Museo D'Arte Moderna di Bologna, Italy
Mature Woman, Museum of contemporary art Metelkova, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tactile Communication (with Milan Božić), Le Commun, Geneva, Switzerland
Dead Gordanas (with Milan Božić), AK Gallery, Koprivnica, Croatia
2013 To Giuseppe Penone, Museo D'Arte Moderna di Bologna, Bologna, Italy
2012 Listen to the radio, Hommage Antonio G. Lauer, Hotel Particulier Montmartre, Paris, France
2011 Total Artist (with Milan Božić), Live Art Development Agency / Rochelle School, London, Great Britain
2010 To Efi Ben David (with PAVES), New Territories Arches, Glasgow, Scotland
Mature woman, Friction festival, Uppsala, Sweden
Lorelei, SC Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
Feeling I, Motion I, (Remembering Tom) Perforacije festival, Jelačić Square, Zagreb, Croatia
2009 PAVES, I want to do sometnig special for you, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast, Irelnad
Erszebet Bathory (with Milan Božić), Gallery SC / Perforacije festival, Zagreb, Croatia
Shadows (with PAVES), Performance Art Platform, Tel Aviv, Israel
2008 Tactile comunication, Split, Croatia
Erzsebet Bathory, Bundek lake, Zagreb, Croatia
2006 I am 50, Gallery Rigo, Novigrad/Cittanova, Croatia
2005 Mature Woman, New Territories, The Arches, Scotlands international Festival of live arts,
Glasgow, Scotland
Tantra, NIPAF 05, Die Platze, Tokyo, Japan
Tantra, NIPAF 05, Nishiharu Culture @ Labor Hall, Aichi, Japan
Tactile comunication, NIPAF 05, Art Complex, Kyoto, Japan
Tantra, NIPAF 05, Neon Hall, Nagano, Japan
2004 Mature woman, Belgrade Cultural Centre, Belgrade, Serbia
Tantra, "Cosmopolis", State museum of Contemporary art, Thessaloniki, Greece
2003 I'am searching for a woman, SKC / 2. April meetings Belgrade, Serbia
Vlasta Delimar and Milan Božić spent a night in.... Koprivnica, Rijeka, Čakovec, Pula, Dubrobnik, Ravnica (Motovun), Varaždin, Split, Slavonski Brod, Zagreb, Croatia
I'am searching for a woman, Le Lieu, centre en art actuel, Quebeck, United States
2002 Ravenna V.D., Museo dell'Arredo Contemporaneo, Ravenna/Russi, Italy 
2001 Conversation with the warrior or woman has disappeared (with Milan Božić), Teaterhuset/ Performance festival, Odense, Denmark
2000 Conversation with the warrior or woman has disappeared, MOZG/Construction in process, Bydgoszcz, Poland
1999 Mature Woman, Festival International d'art vivants, Aux Subsistances, Lyon, France
1998 Mature Woman,Teatro-Auditorium del Centro Civico, San Vito al Tagliamento, Italy
Mature Woman, Teatro Miela, Trieste, Italy
The power is balanced, ŠOU galerija Kapelica, Ljubljana, Slovenia
1997 Mature Woman, Hallwalls, Buffalo, United States
1990 For Martek, and Meret Oppenheim, Fortress Bokar, Dubrovnik, Croatia
1982 Wedding (with Jerman), St.Mark's Church, Zagreb, Croatia
Desymbolization (with Jerman), Gesamthochschule, Kassel, Germany
Tactile communication (with Jerman), Atelier Darivoj Čada, Frankfurt, Germany
1981 Transformation of personality (by clothes, make-up, hairdo), SKC, Zagreb, Croatia
1980 Desymbolization (with Jerman), Galerija Srećna nova umetnost, Belgrade, Serbia 
1979 An attempt at identification (with Jerman), Podroom, Zagreb, Croatia

Solo exhibition /selected

2020 Vlasta Delimar: 40 years of Vlasta Delimar's artistic love, HDLU Croatian association of artists, Zagreb, Croatia
2018 Dolina (the first part of the "Diptych Dolina...Magda"), HNK Ivana pl. Zajca, Rijeka, Croatia
Magda (the second part of the "Diptych Dolina...Magda"), MSU Zagreb, Croatia
Dolina (the first part of the "Diptych Dolina...Magda"), Gallery SC, Zagreb, Croatia
2017 ... A Woman Is A Woman Is A Woman..., Gallery Michaela Stock, Vienna, Austria
2016 PUT YOUR FAITH IN WOMEN, Gallery Michaela Stock, Vienna, Austria
2014 This is I, Museum of Contemporaray Art, Zagreb, Croatia
Multimedia project "Triptih", Museum of Koprivnica City, Koprivnica, Croatia,
Vlasta Delimar: Mature woman, Metelkova, Museum of Contemporaray Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2012 ...woman is a woman is a woman.. Le Quartz, Brest, France
2009 Guilt, Račka Gallery, Celje, Slovenia
2007 „Croatian product", Museum of Rovinj city, Rovinj, Croatia
2006 Marička, Klovićevi dvori Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
2005 Guilt, Magyar Muhely Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2004 Guilt, Bačva Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
2001 Karas Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
1998 Modern Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
...Woman is a woman is a woman... SOROS Center for Contemporary art, Prague, Czech Republic
1997 I am forty, Bartok 32 Galeria, Budapest, Hungary
1995 UNIKUM Klagenfurt, Austria
London Film Makers COOP, London, Great Britain
Likovni salon Celje, Celje, Slovenia
I am seeking for a woman I, ZDSLU Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
I am seeking for a woman I, UGM- Razstavni salon Rotovž, Maribor, Slovenia
1993 Museum of Contemporary art, Zagreb, Croatia

Group exhbitions / selected

2020 And if I devoted my life to one of its feathers?, Kunsthalle, Vienna, Austria
90s: Scars, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka, Croatia
Zagreb, the City of female Artists, Art Pavilion, Zagreb, Croatia
2019 SPOT – exhibitions, actions and verbally prepared objects, Museum Of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia
The third space (All That We Have In Common), Prsten Gallery / HDLU Croatian association of fine artists, Zagreb, Croatia
2018 Pin me up – Turn me around, Galerie Michaela Stock, Vienna, Austria
Left Performance Histories, ngbk - neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst, Berlin, Germany
2017 Živjeti svoj život, Galerija Nova, Zagreb, Croatia
Od Guvera preko Dolca do Benčića, Korzo, Rijeka, Croatia
Ženska krv, Galerija Forum, Zagreb, Croatia
2016 Masculine Icons, Galerie Michaela Stock, Vienna, Austria
The Blood of Women, Teatro Stabile Comunale, Isola del Liri, Italy
The Society of the Spectacle. The Critics of Self-Spectaclization HDLU / Bačva Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
Posljednji materijali: Hommage Galeti, Galerija PM, Zagreb, Croatia
2015 New Art For New Society, Wroclaw Contemporary Museum, Poland
What We Call Love: From Surrealism to Now, Irish Museum of Modern Art – IMMA, Ireland
Inside Out - Not So White Cube, Mestna Galerija / City Art Gallery Ljubljana, Slovenia
Centar svijeta, Projekt sjever-sjeverozapad, Palača Sermage, Varaždin, Croatia
Strategije arhiva, Kuća kulture, Belgrade, Serbia
2015 Appropriation, Performance festival, Screening, Gallery Michaela Stock, Vienna, Austria
2014 Performancefestival, Jeter son corps dans la bataille, BAC - Bâtiment d'art contemporain, Switzerland
2013 Materiality, Kibla Portal, Maribor, Slovenia
2012 The Mirror Of Time, Galerija Skuc, Slovenia
Tu smo 3, Muzej suvremene umjetnosti Istre, Croatia
Life Bloody Live, Galerie Moretti & Moretti, Paris, France
2011 Collection of the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana MACBA, Barselona, Spain
2011 Rhythmic Exercises, Gallery of Contemporary Art in Nowy Sącz, Nowy Sącz, Poland
2011 Mother and daughters, Pogon Jedinstvo, Zagreb, Croatia
2010 Gender Check, Galeria Zaketa, Warsava, Poland
2010 Usti nad Labem, City Dreamers, Gallery Emila Filly, Prag, Czech Republic
2009 Gender Check, MUMOK,Vienna, Austria
2009 PAVES, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast, Ireland
2008 Schengen Women, Modern Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2006 Nagano International Video Art Festival (NIVAF 06), Nagano, Japan
2004 State museum of contemporary art, Thessaloniki, Greece
2003 re: Action, Home gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2003 Phantom der Lust, Neue Galerie, Graz, Austria
2002 In search of Balkania, Neue Galerie, Graz, Austria
2001 Body and the East, Exit Art Gallery, New York, United States
2001 To tell a story, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia
2000 Construction in process VII/ Little Venice, Bydgoszcz, Poland
1999 Without the Wall, Marble Palace/State Russian Museum, St.Petersburg, Russia

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