Schleifmühlgasse 18 - 1040 Vienna 
+43-1-9207778 -

Marko Marković researches in different media: video, installation, ambient, performance and happening. In these works he often animates and includes audience and/or other participants as the expression medium. His work is interested in the transformation process between the individual and the masses; when an individual becomes a mass or when the mass becomes an individual. In doing so, he animates and includes audiences and/or other participants, working with varying age groups and socio-economic classes. Markovic's work is socially engaged and directly involved with people and their needs, consciousness and social structure. He sees this as the best method to directly impact his public audience. His work reflects current events and questions the structure of politics, economics, status and positions of inferiority and superiority. He uses a variety of media, including video, installation, performance and happenings.

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