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Much is lacking, we may be short of everything, but not of attention. We even emphasize it. We gaze into the forest and something echoes back, something we are not but could have recognized as ourselves. Greatly needy, bodies hide behind trees, but these bodies are somehow different, they are different than the previous ones, which, of course, we also did not really have. Are those animals? No, they're we-ings, but with interspersions of animals. Animals without power fantasies, which only humans have. Animals simply eat, including their opponents, if necessary. Animals fail to gauge their size when they push through undergrowth, be it without duress or under duress, for instance because someone is running after and chasing them in order to own them and then subject them to decisions when they can't go on running. Therefore, they often decide to try to escape, what else should they decide to do?, yes, to also attack because they are hungry or covet their neighbor's wife, a nice hind for example. Decisions as to their powers are made by themselves, they are their own bosses, powerless, however, under human authority, powerful under their own, powerful against smaller and weaker animals, generally utterly helpless as animals, pray, what is it about them? In any case, they do not strive for ball ownership, although maybe for other possessions; unfortunately, however, that is wrong, too; for instance, like other dogs, my dog has ceaselessly struggled for ball ownership; animals of the forest, something we can be, too, when we are not quite with it, don't know what the ball is in the first place, that the ball is round. Animals don't know but those who are not of their kind don't know any better. That is why they always seek to overpower us. But we do that as well. Does that make them humans, this here, what is here, a human specimen? It doesn't either. Are they, the animals, of the opinion that their opining has any meaning, it means something? It doesn't matter to them. But they aren't animals, after all! Yes, take a closer look! These are parts of animals, partial animals who have their share in the animal world but do not wish to share: Man has already shared his body with them. What more could one want? What more could an animal want, something man cannot want because he would otherwise cease to be recognizable as a human being, and he would only be in control of himself instead of wielding power over everything else as well? What is he trying to tell us here, this human who wants to turn into an animal but hasn't quite made it there yet? That he is himself, albeit differently? That he has finally been relieved of the decision about himself, which is a chimera, half animal, half human, entitled to make this decision, not authorized to enter the forest. Already the forest is more than any decision, one would only have to get inside first. There, now we're already inside, we can do it!, it wasn't too hard!, and what has that changed, what has this come to? You cannot buy things here, therefore, it must be ourselves that life has been buying. Open your shopping net now!, let's see if you did some shoplifting! Even though we could have checked from the outside as well. Is that an animal you have stolen there or is that perhaps you yourself? Well, partly. You can't say it like that, it's not that simple. It lays down the rules of the game by itself, but we really did steal the game, however, it's not in the net, it never gets trapped in a net, we have it in the bag, just as we could have everyone in there if only we were the right kind of people. Yes, what would we be then? We would be, partially, and the public would need the other part. Therefore, we prefer to walk into the woods and come back, but only in part. The other half is intent on confusing you to the point where you no longer know who you are, where you will have become completely indifferent towards others, because the others look different. But they already look quite different now! Get used to the thought!, even though you have a particularly hard time getting used to thoughts.

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