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At first sight, his art takes us to a world of aesthetic perfection: high-grade and smooth materials such as chrome and Plexiglas combined with strong, brilliant LED colours are integrated into complex, partly illuminated installations. Image and object enter into a symbiosis and let the viewer's visual perception alternate between two and three-dimensional perceptions.

Hans Kotter has made a name for himself internationally with his photographs, installations, conceptual and light art. The artist deals with space, light and color and merges his findings in minimalist light objects. In a unique way, therefore, Hans Kotter interprets the illusion that surrounds us every day; he develops the essences of this optical illusion and familiarizes us with the beauty of details and vision as such. Hans Kotter not only performs magic with sources of light; he illuminates, highlights things that actually take place in the dark. Hans Kotter manifests messages that have to bediscovered first. They are metaphors that sometimes confuse us, making us question our own capacity forinterpretation.

In his latest works, Hans Kotter is concerned with an illusion of space: in newly developed light objects consisting of filigree, reflecting glass volumes that generate a special aura of their own due to their superior material quality and precision, the approaching viewer is compelled by a mysterious and forceful attraction, which gradually develops into a deeprapture. As if by magic, the reflecting surfaces of the light object are transformed – when the source of light at the object's centre is switched on – into an enchanting tunnel of colours, the end of which is unforeseeable, and which – as in Alice in Wonderland – offers us apparently infinite freedom to develop our fantasies and imagination.

Review of shows by Hans Kotter/galerie michaela stock:
Luminous Infinity

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