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22.5. - 30.6.2019
Where: Prsten Gallery, Trg žrtava fašizma 16, Zagreb
HDLU Croatian association of fine artists
group show

participating artists: Sara Alves (Aveiro), Zach Mitlas (Clermont-Ferrand), Niccolò Masini (Genoa); Rasma Noreikytė and Monika Zaltauskaite (Kaunas), Victoria Hyam (Liverpool), Renata Poljak and Vlasta Delimar (HDLU-Zagreb); Waldemar Tatarczuk (Lublin), Sophie Dubosc and Marie – Margaux Bonamy (Rouen), Maria Tinaut (Valladolid), Gjorgje Jovanovik and Oliver Musovik (Skopje), Samuel Mello (Lecce).

Macedonian curator Jovanka Popova selected works of 15 artists whose art practice refere to "self" in relation to the community and the collective, as a synonym for the space of solidarity, a collective experience, and the importance of participation within the community. Selected projects will critically re-examine the concept of community and communion starting with the idea that coexistence is a basic mean of existence and try to awake concepts as identity, nationalism, power politics in the context of "self" and "otherness" and multicultural concepts.

The concept of the curator's exhibition is based on Jean-Luan Nancy's proposal that "being" means "being-with" that Pop is interpreted to function just as collective power: power is not external to collective members or immanent to each of them, power derives from collectivity as such.

The aim of the exhibition is to examine the question if and how dispersed insecure subactivities actually can be linked?

The selected artworks raise the question in which way we understand the mechanisms and certain implications towards solidarity; allow us to think about how our personal vision can be socially shared; the possibilities and limitations that we are encountering; the question of what our own expectations are in relation to power and freedom; what levels of personal temptations or troubles are at the threshold of tolerance and endurance; a multitude of questions and dilemmas with regards to personal responsibility, an action and its consequences.

more information about the exhibition > The third space (All That We Have In Common)

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