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10.11.2022 - 01.05.2023
Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna

Opening & Performance: Thursday, 10.11.2022 19:00 h
Where: Kunsthalle Vienna, Museumsplatz 1
Admission: FREE

As part of the opening the happening
Rebel and Organize by AUSLÄNDER will take place.
Collective Ausländer: Kasho Chualan, Sofia Labropoulou, Lorana Tabares Salamanca, Thomas Jirku, and Marko Marković

The performance "Rebel and Organize Yourselves" by Ausländer, formulates a socio-culturally motivated critique of social privilege based on class, gender and racialization.

About the project:
Ausländer takes us on a journey composed of natural, industrial, dystopian, and empty moods inspired by the chapters of the Marienthal Study. It begins with a performance in a public space, as a disillusionment demonstration of antiprotest. Kunsthalle Karlsplatz will transform into a sonic experience of repetitive suicidal stories, taken from real-life testimonies of people affected by economic collapse all over the world. By performing the concept of the book The Complete Lexicon of Crisis-Related Suicides (2014), Ausländer draws a parallel between the Great Recession and the Marienthal crisis by juxtaposing these archives from the perspectives of different geopolitical periods. Amid the worldwide economic crisis of the 1930s, an industrial textile company and the only employer in Marienthal, a small town in Lower Austria, had to close its doors. This left nearly all inhabitants without a job or income. This situation led to the sociological "Marienthal Study" of mass unemployment. The research team, helmed by Marie Jahoda and Paul F. Lazarsfeld, closely interacted with the Marienthal inhabitants. After the closure of the company, the research team analyzed the destructive economic and psychological consequences. This situation led to hopeless resignation, desperation, and apathy.

Ninety years later, is Marienthal still of relevance?

Discussing their own status and ambivalent position, Ausländer will also reenact Paul F. Lazarsfeld's philosophical quote "from a distinguished foreigner to an undesirable alien", relating to the everyday life question:

What is Ausländer?

For more information visit Kunsthalle Wien.

Cover image visual by Lorena Tabares Salamanca and Marko Marković / Ausländer

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