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23.6. - 22.7.2020
Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of working in art, Vlasta Delimar, one of the most prominent performative artists in Croatia and beyond, decided to exhibit again in the gallery spaces of the former joint nation, where she presented herself in the 1980s.

Because of the wider context, which includes the present exhibition project at the Škuc Gallery, the show seems retrospective through its return to the past and a new presentation of Vlasta Delimar's older works, yet remains focused on the present by considering the potential and possible subversiveness of the artist's older projects within the context of today. All the more so because the current set-up includes works by two artists of the younger generation, Lea Culetto and Olja Grubić, whose art practice problematises similar themes as Vlasta Delimar has addressed in the past and continues to do so today. With their work, they allude to the fact that even in today's seemingly progressive present, we have to ask ourselves certain questions over and over again.

From the very beginning of her work, the body remains at the core of the artist's interest and at the same time the central medium of expression – the bare, naked, relentless naturalistic body. So when we want to talk about Vlasta Delimar, we cannot bypass talking about the body. About the body that resists social representation of corporality, aestheticised images of sexuality, established criteria of commercial beauty – and as such, obscenely everyday–like, continues to excite and provoke...

Curator: Anja Guid

more information:
40 Years of Art(istic) Love by Vlasta Delimar

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