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New Synagogue, Žilina / Slovakia
curated by Sabine Hänsgen & Tomas Glanc
Opening: on the 22nd of Dezember
22.12.2017 – 10.3.2018

In the second half of the twentieth century, it was poets and artists in particular who took up the challenge of reflecting on and investigating the instrumentalization of language for politicalideological purposes.
They did so with aesthetic means, thus drawing attention to making the material and media dimension of language and creating performative situations for themselves and their audience within which possibilities of verbal expression could be tested and acted out. Likewise, in poetic performance, the limits of language and speakability are made tangible.
In Eastern Europe, poetry and performance are characterized by a doubled subculturality: They undermine the conventional perception of script and words as neutral means and are thus, against the cultural-political backdrop of real socialism, forced into the unofficial or semi-official cultural scene.
The writing practice of the Samizdat within Eastern European cultures and its relation to the devices of concrete and visual poetry have been treated and presented in a variety of projects already. Until now however, less consideration has been given to the circumstances of performance: in addition to the typescript literature of samizdat, the unofficial cultural milieu attached particular importance to the oral recitation of poems in front of a close-knit audience of friends, poets, artists, theorists and critics.
The interrelation between poetical acts, texts and situations functioned as a trigger for the aesthetics of performances and happenings – a very specific and notably Eastern European characteristic of performance art.
Poetry and performance have produced specific milieus within the diverse cultures of Eastern Europe. In this exhibition, for each of these particular cultures, we wish to recreate such a milieu, or to make accessible, by way of example, an aesthetically motivated topic. The single exhibition spaces (cabinets – niches – corridors) shall be connected with one another in a network structure. The following groups of exhibits are planned: text scores, interactive objects, sound and video recordings, and installations of performance documentation.
The condensed forms of poetry and performance take on an exceptional topicality in periods of political crisis, as these succinct and flexible art forms enable the reflection of relations and contexts that remain otherwise undiscussed.

In respect thereof, we would like include in this exhibition and
the accompanying program several selected current positions.

Reading Performance / Moscow Conceptualism
(Prigov, Rubinštejn, Monastyrski, Nekrasov, Inspection Medical

Current Positions / Accompanying Program: TRANSLIT — Laboratory of
Poetic Actionism (St. Petersburg)

Audio-Visual Experiments / Liberec Studio
Ladislav Novák, Jiří Valoch, Josef Hiršal, Bohumila Grögrová, Gerhard Rühm

Current Positions / Accompanying Program: Pavel Novotný / Jaromír Typlt

Everyday Intervention / Bratislava
Bratislava: Julius Koller, Alex Mylnárčik, Stano Filko

Cinemato/graphic Poetry / GDR

Carlfriedrich Claus, Super8: Gabriele Stötzer, Matthias Baader Holst, Gino Hahnemann

Accompanying Program: Michael Lentz, Waleri Scherstjanoj lesen Carlfriedrich Claus

Emergence of the Happening from Poetry / Budapest
Tamás St.Auby, Tibor Hajas, Katalin Ladik u.a.

Private Practices / Polen
Miron Białoszewski, Ewa Partum, Andrzej Partum

Language Games / Beograd, Zagreb, Ljubljana

Bosch und Bosch (Attila Csernik, Slavko Matković, Balinth Szombathy, Katalin
Ladik), Vlado Martek, Mladen Stilinović, OHO etc.

Catalog / Accompanying booklet in English

The introductory article:
Concept and Overview
Introductory texts for the sections
Documentation of the works Artists' texts

On a USB stick: Audio and video examples (fragments)

Poetry & Performance. The Eastern European Perspective

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