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20.10. - 27.11.2022 PROLONGED UNTIL 6th OF JANUARY
Franz-Josefs-Kai 3, Suite 17, 1010 Vienna

OPENING: 20.10., 6-10 pm
WHERE: Franz-Josefs-Kai 3, Suite 17, 1010 Vienna

"Manege frei in Suite 17" ("Step right up to Suite 17") is the new exhibition by Marko Zink. At the invitation of Franziska Hausmaninger, Marko Zink uses her private studio rooms on the third floor
of Franz-Josefs-Kai 3 in Vienna to present a kaleidoscope of his artistic work at the suite.

Marko Zink works with staged photography.
He tells stories that are real only for a single short moment. The object becomes the subject and vice versa. Rather than presenting humans as the culmination of creation, he shows them as its appendix. This creates hidden image puzzles, where only body parts, like will-o'-the-wisps, confuse the viewer. Marko Zink meets reality with a double bottom, showing humour at the first glance, which leads into the tragic aspects of his oeuvre at a second glance. The series presented are performative and ephemeral in nature. Zink works with analogue cameras and only with natural light. The carrier material, analogue film, is boiled multiple times before exposure, and systematically chemically and mechanically processed for some series. The resulting decomposition of the film and the disintegration of the negatives is not only an important artistic concept Zink uses, but also an easily recognisable signature characteristic of his work. He thus shows the proximity of photography to painting and film, opening up its boundaries. The artist examines the medium as such, addressing the issue that pictures do not necessarily have to be a mirror of everything that exists.

Marko Zink constructs reality, joining things that seemingly do not belong together; he amalgamates. As a result, humans couple with animals, with machines, with furniture, people nature. Or humans as a carrier of meaning are completely negated, for example in his famous "Swimmers" series, in which pieces of clothing make the viewer believe for only a few seconds that bodies exist. However, it is the water that imitates the body with its volume for a split second. Many of his series are based on interdisciplinary concepts; his theories are often inspired by literature, among others by his studies of Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Sarah Kirsch or Elfriede Jelinek. The latter plays a key role in his life, and series which she influences in various ways find their way into the presentation of the work using different media formats.

Room 1 | from the series IN THE MACHINE & Kornhäusl

Room 2 | from the series In the spa hotel

Room 3 | from the serie Inner movie

Room 4 | from the series When the animals left the forest

Room 5 | from the series SWIMMERS & Strange

Room 6 | from the series Tragedies & i never promised you anything

(Credits: Gerd Franz Joseph Winkler)

In parallel with the exhibition SUITE 17, a supporting programme featuring presentations, lectures, performances as well as music and bar will be organised. The aim is to revive the idea of the salon and to bring together an audience interested in art in a relaxed atmosphere.

The exhibition is part of the Rotlicht Festival and is generously supported by galerie michaela stock.

Born in Gaschurn, Austria, in 1975, Marko Zink received lessons from Ingo Springenschmid and then studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, where he attended the master classes for Art and Photography, Expanded Pictorial Space, Art in Public Space, and Performance taught by Eva Schlegel, Josephine Pryde, Franz Graf, Judith Huemer, Mona Hahn and Matthias Herrmann.
He graduated from Friedl Kubelka's School for Artistic Photography in Vienna, and with distinction from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna as a student of Carola Dertnig. Furthermore he studied German Philology, Journalism and Art History at the University of Vienna and graduated with distinction.

Marko Zink and Elfriede Jelinek: a little obsession
Zink met Nobel Literature Laureate Elfriede Jelinek in 2004. Already at a young age, he had been fascinated by her texts. In 2008 he wrote this thesis about her prize acceptance speeches and graduated as a student of Pia Janke, Head of the research centre for Elfriede Jelinek. When Elfriede Jelinek herself became aware of his work in 2008, she wrote two texts about Zink's series and recorded them at his request. Marko Zink had them produced on rectangular vinyl records. In 2023, these vinyl records will also be released in a strictly limited artist monograph by Verlag für moderne Künste.

"Elfriede Jelinek is a deconstructivist. She separates what is given and supposedly inseparable into individual pieces, revealing their hidden inner life. When reading Jelinek's two texts it becomes clear that his artistic concept and her literary approach, seemingly contrary, in actual fact complement each other perfectly. Jelinek expresses in words what Zink shows." (Wolfgang Huber Lang, 2021)

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Press image 1: Marko Zink
1077_24_poodle, 2022
series When the Animals Left the Forest
analog photography with cooked film
Lambda print, laminated, framed, 50 x 75 cm. Edition: 5 + 2 AP

Press image 2: Marko Zink
elephant_ I never promised you anything_4788_03, 2021
series I never promised you anything
analogue panorama photography, film cooked several times
matte Diasec, laminated, 73 x 180 cm. Edition: 3 + 2 AP

Press image 3: Marko Zink
Morgenstern der finstern Nacht, 2020
series inner movie
analog photography with cooked film
Lambda print, laminated, framed, 100 x 150 cm. Edition: 3 + 2 AP

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