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12.11.2021 - 08.01.2022
michaela stock gallery, Vienna

Friday, 12th of November

WHEN: 6pm - 10pm
WHERE: michaela stock gallery, Schleifmühlgasse 18, 1040 Vienna

participating artists:

Patrick Baumüller, Kati Bruder, Ingrid Cogne, Sandro Đukić, Marko Marković,
Veronika Merklein, Christiane Spatt, Viktors Svikis, Slaven Tolj, Marko Zink


The animal has always been a companion and servant of human beings, and equally an object in the visual arts. The new exhibition A NI MAL NI FESTO from the series SALON REAL/VIRTUAL at michaela stock gallery shows different strategies of visualization. Thereby the 'overlooked' or the 'other' animal is made visible and it does not deal with the anthropomorphization of animals or zoomorphization of humans as usual.

The different artistic confrontations such as photography, video, drawing, sculpture, and painting, exploring the relationship between humans and animals and present 'the animal' as an equal counterpart. Although the exhibited works follow one theme, different confrontations are shown. In the process, the animals become objects of contemplation. At the same time, they become actors in movements, they serve not only as a projection surface, but also help to shape the work. The animal is questioned from political, historical, socio-critical and emotional motives. The exhibition title A NI MAL NI FESTO is taken from the manifesto written for the exhibition by Ingrid Cogne and María Antonia González Valerio.

SALON REAL / VIRTUAL is an exhibition combination between real vs virtual. Artworks are presented both in a virtual 3D gallery and in the real exhibition space - at Schleifmühlgasse 18. The concept of the salon as a forum for discussions about a virtually staged exhibition is juxtaposed with the classic white cube and questions it at the same time.
There will be weekly salon evenings with the artists in November and December.


Manifest by Ingrid Cogne and María Antonia González Valerio, 2021

"Is this a place for all animals? How can we become an animal being an animal that is not an animal?
And what about those ones that may eat us? Or that may eat each other? Or that may eat everything that there is? Or that don't want to be here? Or that have already disappeared? Or...? Can animals fall into historical categories? What are animals through history? The invention of themselves via storytelling? Hasn't art been too soft, too polite, too western, too exaggerated, too naïve, too stupid, too capitalist, too fond of the disneylandization of the animal, too ridiculous in its contemporary approach to the animal subject?

There is no such thing as a universal idea of a city. There, the animal also lives.
There is no such thing as a universal idea of an animal. There, the animal also lives.
YOU, fellow animals must strive to make the planet a sustaining place for all beings.
Animalship is needed.

Are we all blue-collar workers? Beast living bodies' bestiality!
This is a testing vs. a tribute to animality.
This is another mistake, a token of the impossibility to grasp the animality as animals."




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Courtesy: particular artist / galerie michaela stock

Press image 1: Veronika Merklein, Pose 3 - Artist with principal and guinea pig, 2012, photo, mounted and framed, 70 x 68 cm, Foto: Amelie Zadeh, courtesy: Veronika Merklein / galerie michaela stock

Press image 2: Viktors Svikis, the longing, 2021, oil on canvas, 140 x 130 cm, courtesy: Viktors Svikis / galerie michaela stock

Press image 3: Marko Zink, 06642_05, from the series When the animals left the forest, 2021, analogue photo, mounted and framed, edition: 5 + 2 AP, 75 x 50 cm, courtesy: Marko Zink / galerie michaela stock

Press image 4: Christiane Spatt, dear darlings, squirrel , 2014, sculptur (taxidermy, toy parts), 24 x 23 x 19 cm, courtesy: Christiane Spatt / galerie michaela stock

Press image 5: Kati Bruder, Veronika, Vienna, from the series „WIR ANDEREN", 2017, photo mounted on aludibond, edition: 3 + 2 AP, 80 x 53 cm

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