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08.10 – 04.11.2020
Opening: Thursday, 8.10., 16 - 21h & Friday, 9.10., 11-20h
Timeslot every 15 min / without registration before / come and go

Performance SWEET ARCHIVE ongoing, participative performance takes place the whole time during the exhibition in SALON REAL / VIRTUAL, 8.10. - 3.11.2020

3# Fireside chat: Tuesday, 20 October 2020, 7 pm
The curator and art journalist Walter Seidl in conversation with the artist Natalia Gurova.
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In the second exhibition in Salon Real / Virtual, works by the young artist and journalist Natalia Gurova are on display. Her artwork at the moment focuses on the objects and structures that trigger change in human behavior and oscillate between plane imagery and three-dimensionality.

In Salon Real Natalia Gurova shows two wall sculptures that deal with the changeable surface aesthetics of the object, but at the same time both pieces with their feel sensitize a subjective perception.

The show in Salon Virtual is titled Triggered silhouettes and includes sculptures and graphic works that navigate between artistic techniques, and sometimes even merge. Natalia Gurova tells us in her works very often personal stories and her gaze is not only turned inwards but also directed to what is easily overlooked to the unspectacular.

The main preoccupation of Gurova's works is reconsideration of the complex relationship between the conscious and unconscious 'self', their dichotomy and interaction. Her pieces with text combinations revolve around the question on which principles the naming of objects happens, that emphasize infinite reflection between the world and us. Some questions the artist addresses are: What love darts fired by the Roman god Cupid and love darts of snails, or architectural columns and vertebral column, have in common. Due to our tendency to take things more individually than to think in bigger correlations, most of these references usually remain subconscious.

Her ongoing participatory performance "Sweet archive" in the virtual and real exhibition space contributes to the overall poetic effect and indicates the intended line of thought. The visitor can participate in this performance in the real and virtual space and the focus is on the interlocking of the real and virtual world and their combination of visual and haptic stimuli.

The virtual exhibition is documented in the form of printed information brochures. At the same time, art lovers can purchase a limited and signed art poster for € 20,-.

Curriculum Vitae
Natalia Gurova is an artist, born in Belarus, raised in Russia and based in Vienna. She did a journalism degree in Moscow and received her MA in Journalism from Moscow State University (2009) and worked for several years as political journalist in Moscow for different media including newspapers, radio, online and TV.. Currently she lives and works in Vienna and studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Julian Göthe, 2018) and before she studied at the University of Applied Arts (Paul Petritsch / 2014 - 2018).

Guided studio visits on request

The real artworks can be viewed with Michaela Stock in the artists' studio. Appointments can be made by phone +43 699 19 20 77 78.


press release: SALON REAL / VIRTUAL. 2# Salon: Natalia Gurova | Triggered silhouettes
press photo 1: Natalia Gurova, Second Skin, 2019, sculpture, mixed media, 100 x 70 x 40 cm
press photo 2: Natalia Gurova, One of 5, 2019, sculpture (silkprint and metal), 38 x 30 cm
press photo 3: Natalia Gurova, We don't need another drama 2019, linocut, 29 x 21 cm

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