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DOPUST/Days of open performance VIENNA 2017
WHEN: opening: Thursday, 29. June, 4pm
WHERE: galerie michaela stock, Schleifmühlgasse 18, 1040 Vienna and 12-14 contemporary, Schleifmühlgasse 12-14, 1040 Vienna

AS FAR AS I CAN GO | radical movements | 29.6.- 1.7.2017

Žarko Aleksić, Milan Bozić, Cristina Calderoni, Vlasta Delimar, Sandro Đukić, Frustracиja, Gentle Women Group (Aleksandra Artamonova, Evgeniya Lapteva), Siniša Labrović, Anna Lerchbaumer, Marko Marković, Giovanni Morbin, Mindy Yan & Marcus Miller, Lala Nomada, Laura Rambelli, Jasmin Schaitl, Selma Selman, Tiberius Stanciu, Bojana Stamenković, Marko Stamenkovći, Slaven Tolj, Franz Wassermann, Alexander Viscio

Cooperation: DOPUST / Days of open performance Split, galerie michaela stock and 12-14 contemporary

This was DOPUST VIENNA 2017 > click here to see some impressions from the performance festival

The art project consists of three parts, a workshop, the performance festival DOPUST / Days of open performance VIENNA 2017 and a thematically matching exhibition focusing on performance.

Performance art keeps making radical claims. It questions the moral boundaries of society and tries to break taboos. The body is very often an important element in this; it becomes an object and is used to work on like a sculpture or canvas. Such performative works do not aim at changing society, but rather at presenting and revealing it. Both the symbolic and the real struggles of the respective artists reach their limits here.

OPENING: 29.6., 4pm

DRINKS & COOKING by Barbatti fine food, every day from 13pm to 10pm



20.6   18-22h     PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP Jasmin Schaitl
                         The line in our body, the line in architecture - Approaches through awareness

LOCATION 1: AS FAR AS I CAN GO – radical movements
galerie michaela stock, Schleifmühlgasse 18, 1040 Vienna

29.6.   16-23h   EXHIBITION OPENING galerie michaela stock
           19h         PERFORMANCE Žarko Aleksić/Serbia, willpool
           18-21h    PERFORMANCE Jasmin Schaitl/Austria, following
           20h         PERFORMANCE Gentle Women Group/Russia, Dankeschön

                          Vlasta Delimar & Andrej Mirčev, Right to orgasm in the 60s
          20h           PERFORMANCE Frustracиja, Frieze. Your far is maybe farther than mine, but it sucks for both of us now
          20.30h       PERFORMANCE Marko Marković/Croatia, Mutualism
          21h           PERFORMANCE Anna Lerchbaumer/Austria, Circular Causality

1.7.    18h          TALK Marko Stamenkovic/Serbia, To Die Out Laughing
          16-21h      PERFORMANCE Siniša Labrović/Croatia & Cortina's Tattoo, Private Property
          20h           PERFORMANCE Milan Bozić/Croatia, Honor ... K
          21h           PERFORMANCE Sandro Đukić/Croatia, inner space - outer space


12-14 contemporary, Schleifmühlgasse 12-14, 1040 Vienna

29.6.   17h          Inauguration of the Urban Gardening Parklet test by Tiberius Stanciu/Rumania
           18h          PERFORMANCE Laura Rambell /Italy, Placenta

1.7.     17-18h     PERFORMANCE Lala Nomada/Mexico, s/t

29.6.-1.7.this program takes place every day from 17-21h
                         PERFORMANCE Cristina Calderoni/Italy, Nice to meet you
                         PERFORMANCE Mindy Yan Miller & Marcus Miller/Canada, Six Million stitches VIENNA: SIXTY-FIVETHOUSAND
                         PERFORMANCE Bojana Stamenkovic/Serbia. Beneath the surface
                         PERFORMANCE Franz Wassermann/Austria, dailysocialtransfer

We would like to thank our partners and sponsors

Barbatti fine food, Bezirk Wieden, CAPRA, Cortina`s Tattoo, hufak, Inmaco, KONOI, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, ORFG / Österreichische-Russische Freundschaftsgesellschaft, Vöslauer, Weingut Johannes Gebeshuber, Weingut Polz, Stadt Wien, 3TS Capital Partners, 100 Blumen

SAVE THE DATE - DOPUST/ Days of open performance 2017
DOPUST Rijeka & MMSU Rijeka
opening: 15.9.2017

opening: 29.9.2017


DOPUST/Days of open performance VIENNA 2017
organisation/coordination/press: Michaela Stock/Marko Markovic

press release DOPUST / Days of open performance VIENNA 2017
press photo 1: Alexander Viscio, Predator, 1982, B/W photography, performance, Edition: 3 + 2 AP,40 x 40 cm

press photo 2: Slaven Tolj, Nature & Society, 2002, photography, Brayta, performance, Edition: 3 + 2 AP, 40 x 50 cm
press photo 3: Gentle Women Group, Stone, 2015, Video, Videostill, 13,11 min
press photo 4: Lala Nomada, The Milk Series: In Situ IV, 2011, performance documentation, Grimmuseum / Berlin. Photo: Matthias Pick
press photo 5: Frustracija, Frieze. Your far is maybe farther than mine, but it sucks for both of us now, 2017
press photo 6: Milan Bozic,Honor ... K, 2016


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