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15.1.-17.1. & 3.2.-14.3.2015
ARTIST-TALK & FINISSAGE: Saturday, 14th March 2015, 13-16h
Artist-Talk : 13-14h
Claudia Slanar/art historian, independent curator, writer
Dr. Hans Kirisits/medical specialist in neurology and psychiatry
Evelyn Loschy/artist
Opening: 15th January 2015, 6 pm
WHERE: Galerie Michaela Stock, Schleifmühlgasse 18, 1040 Vienna


In her first solo exhibition in Vienna young Evelyn Loschy presents an insight into her oeuvre so far. The focus lies on the human being and its existence, both torn between (social) standards and (physical-emotional) possibilities. This breaking test is playfully set in scene in Loschy's works, in some cases also to liberate itself from this tension, even at the price of destructive act, the victim of which becomes the piece of art itself.

Evelyn Loschy studied "Transmedia Art" with Brigitte Kowanz at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (graduation in 2013) as well as "Audio-visual Art" at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam. She studied "Constructive, Multimedia-based Sculpture" and "Media Art" at the University of Arts in Berlin. Loschy is co-founder of "Lafin C'estmerde" (society for interdisciplinary art production and reception) and drummer in the art rock band "Perlen für die Säue" ("Pearls for Swine"). Loschy works with a large variety of materials and methods, reaching from video, photography, land art and location-specific interventions to kinetic, (auto-)destructive sculptures which have become the focus of her work over the last years.
Mag. Ulrike Leitner /translation: Verena Seiser

press release | Evelyn Loschy | TENSION TEST here

press photography | Evelyn Loschy | is it me, kinetic sculpture, 2010, 165 x 90 x 120 cm

press photography | Evelyn Loschy | entkoppelung, video-still, 2014, photography, 20 x 36 cm

Evelyn Loschy


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