Schleifmühlgasse 18 - 1040 Vienna 
+43-699-19207778 -

In her art practice Alina Sokolova revolves around forming critical narratives through personal details, transferring from one form and medium to another, trying to research and question different issues and phenomena. Her conceptual ideas and long-term projects hold a potential for research since she works with installation, painting and photography, at times merging them into one. Her artworks take a critical view on social and cultural issues, but from deeply personal point of view. She is focused on practise and choreography of smuggling, movement in painting, relocation and play with the system turning it into a personal ritual. Her projects resonates with the earlier ones, creating a sequence of work that allows us to look at a subject from historical perspective. She looks for the place where the theory and the connection to the viewer could produce an integrated experience.

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