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opening 18.11.2021
Conclusius, Clusiusweg 2/1, Güssing

Installation | monument of the lost souls

WHEN: starts on the 18th of November 2021
WHERE: Conclusius, Clusiusweg 2/1, 7540 Güssing

"Seeking Asylum Is Not A Crime" - with her song Gina Disobey won the protest song contest 2021. It was only a matter of time until the topic of migration also arrived in the cultural production in our "latitudes".
More and more people are fleeing religious as well as political persecution. Effects of climate change also accelerate the decision to leave the family or home. The causes are not only to be found in the "distant" countries themselves, but have their origin in our society with its economically driven greed. Colonialism, exploitation of resources and greed cause chaos and corruption in many countries -- the only option left for the suffering population is emigration. False promises of salvation mobilize masses in the direction of "western civilization", but the outcome of the arduous journey is uncertain - many migrants lose their courage and sometimes their lives!

This light installation is a kind of memorial for the asylum tragedy that happens every day at the borders of Europe (and of course worldwide). Unfortunately, a meaningful solution to the problem is not in sight - all that remains is to show the fire of life of the lost souls in their search for a dignified existence.
The discarded glass body lamps are equipped with colored illuminants, which breathe their radiance into the heart or soul of the missing person. The arrangement of many different "crystals" symbolizes the individual characters that have irretrievably disappeared from our society.
This temporary memorial does not need candles - the brave souls believe in the hope that the other fellows and the following generations will succeed in improving the coexistence on our planet - it persistently shines in the darkness of an egocentric world.


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