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WHERE: Vienna premises of the Mauthausen memorial, Argentinierstraße 13, 1040 Vienna
WHEN: January 29, 2020, 5 p.m.

M 48° 15' 24.13'' N 14° 30' 6.31 E Mauthausen - The Eradication of Memories
Mandelbaum Publishing House, 2019

We would like to invite you to the catalogue presentation on Wednesday, 29 January 2020 from 5 p.m. in the Vienna premises of the Mauthausen Memorial.

Introductory words: Dr. Dr. Barbara Glück, Director Mauthausen Memorial,
Marko Zink & the authors of the text contributions are present.

The title of the book could not be more objective, M 48° 15' 24.13" N, 14° 30' 6.31" E are the coordinates for Mauthausen. What matters to Marko Zink is not documentation but irritation - he forces viewers to look carefully. Using the medium of photography, he attempts to make a twofold dis-appearance visible: the extermination of people and the eradication of memory. The medium chosen by Marko Zink is analogue photography. He works on his films before exposing them. He boils them or stamps on them, treats them with chlorine or ink eraser. Using this delicate film material, he photographs selected sites in and around the former concentration camp. Sometimes Zink's images seem like found historical photos, taken quickly and in secret, bleached by the sun, half destroyed by the ravages of time. Sometimes the photos with their injuries seem to give an account on a separate plane of the atrocities that took place here fewer than eight decades ago. And sometimes they seem to make visible what only seemingly cannot be seen anymore.

The book contains the artworks on the one hand and the documentation of the two exhibitions in Vienna (galerie michaela stock) and Mauthausen (Mauthausen Memorial) on the other. With their texts, the authors make a significant contribution to the various perspectives of the art series and provide historical, pedagogical and socio-political embeddings.

with text contributions by Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein, Wolfgang Huber Lang, Thomas Licek, Gudrun Blohberger, Bertrand Perz, Christian Dürr, Felicitas Heimann-Jelinek, Marija Nujic and Barbara Glück.
German / English, 112 pages, format: 17 x 24 cm, Swiss brochure
Published: September 2019, Mandelbaum Verlag, ISBN: 978385476-827-2, € 25

generously supported by
Zukunftsfonds, Wien Kultur, Kultur Land Oberösterreich, Bundeskanzleramt, Otto Maurer Fond, Nationalfond, Bildrecht, Land Vorarlberg, galerie michaela stock, Mauthausen Memorial

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