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16.5. - 31.5.2015
DOPUST / Days of open performance Vienna 2015
OPENING PARTY: Friday, 15th May, 5 pm
Drinks, Dance & Music | Cooking Performance with Luca Tamussino
WHERE: Galerie Michaela Stock, Schleifmühlgasse 18, 1040 Vienna

CSEEAH. Sofia Cruz (MEX), Vlasta Delimar (HR), Sandro Dukić (HR), María José Alós Esperón (MEX), Sebastian Gärtner (A), Tomislav Gotovac (HR), Fritzia Irízar (MEX), Verena Melgarejo Weinandt (D) & Marissa Lôbo (BR), Marko Marković (HR), Veronika Merklein (D), Siniša Labrović (HR), Amanda Piña (CL/MEX), Goran Škofić (HR), Elisabeth Tambwe (DR Kongo), Adriana Cubides (COL/A) & Nicolas Spencer (CL), Slaven Tolj (HR), Anna Vasof (GR), Alexander Viscio (USA), Beate Susanne Wehr (D)

The gallery opens with an empty room.

Without a doubt, living and working conditions have significantly changed over the past years due to social, political and technological developments and visual references to existing pictures have become part of the artistic discourse. A work of art, thus, constantly reaches beyond itself as it refers, either consciously or unconsciously, to something that already exists. The history of art is always a history of mediation and appropriation, of models and patterns. But it is not solely about detecting models, but also about finding a certain cultural implication or institutionalization of art, the system, after all, that the model is part of.

The performance artists from different countries and cultural backgrounds who have been invited shall at the opening or in the course of the following week, spontaneously present action-focused or ephemeral artistic performances dealing with the art of appropriation, either at the gallery or somewhere in the city.

It is up to the individual artists how they will later choose to document their performance at the gallery. The exhibition APPRORIATION consists of two parts, the first one presenting a two-week performance festival, which is followed by the second part, entitled APPROPRIATION |INTERPICTORIALITY | PART 2, which will be opened at the famous Vienna Gallery Weekend (29.5.-31.5.). Both exhibitions are complemented by lectures and discussions on the topic of appropriation by artists and renowned scientists in cooperation with Bildrecht | Bildraum07.

The results of the performance-program will be shown in NEXT DOOR and UNTERER STOCK during the Vienna Gallery Weekend.

Saturday, 16th May, from 2-4 pm
Mag. Ursula Probst/curator | Urban Performance
Dr. Renate Buschmann/Imai Düsseldorf| „Zweiter Aufguss? Die Reinszenierung von Performances"
Sandro Dukić | Still movement – Homage Nan Hoover
WHERE: Galerie Michaela Stock, Schleifmühlgasse 18, 1040 Vienna

Friday, 29th May, from 5 – 6:30 pm
Lectures and discussions on the various methods of appropriation in the visual arts with
Dr. Christoph Zuschlag/ art history and art education
Dr. Judith Elisabeth Weiss/ art history, ethnology
Dr. Philip M. Jakober/ intellectual property lawyer, musician
moderator: Manisha Jodathy/journalist
WHERE: Bildraum 07, Burggasse 7-9, 1070 Vienna

Saturday, 30th May, from 2 – 3:30 pm
Round Table: Performance – perception and documentation with
Dr. Eva Badura-Triska/ mumok curator
Dr. Guido Isekenmeier/ english philology, computational linguistics, computer science
Mag. Günter Schönberger/ managing director of Bildrecht Österreich
Mag. Bernhard Cella/artist, curator
WHERE: Galerie Michaela Stock, Schleifmühlgasse 18, 1040 Vienna


CSEEAH: Discontinuing Dialogues
Sofia Cruz | you
Vlasta Delimar | Cycle: Erzsebet Bathory | Unterer Stock Galerie michaela stock | 16.5.
Sandro Dukić | King's Gambit
María José Alós Esperón | Vox Populi | Sound Collaboration: Fabián Avila | 15.5.
Sebastian Gärtner | kil khor kora| Schleifmühlgasse, Mühlgasse - Faulmanngasse - Wienzeile - Schleifmühlgasse | 15.5.
Tomislav Gotovac | Talking Rio (Rio Bravo), 1982 & Joe Williams Rocks in my Bed, 2001| 15.5.
Fritzia Irízar | Untitled (disappeared symbol)
Verena Melgarejo Weinandt & Marissa Lôbo | Vestidos para Decolonizar
Marko Marković | Representation of the Power
Veronika Merklein | Performing Documentation IV
Siniša Labrović | Marching | Schwarzenbergplatz| 22.5.
Amanda Piña | natural ressourses | Nadalokal| 19.5.
Goran Škofić | BlackOut
Elisabeth Tambwe | Discours du 27 juillet 2007 | Galerie Michaela Stock| 28.5.
Slaven Tolj | TBA
Anna Vasof | Fingerprints and Signature for the Today's Eternity
Alexander Viscio | StandBy, Sebastian | Galerie Michaela Stock | 15.5.
Beate Susanne Wehr | I am here - Hommage an On Kawara. | Wien | 16.5. & 30.5.

press release
press photo 1 | Vlasta Delimar, Erzsebet Bathory, Performance, 2011, Belgrade, Courtesy Galerie Michaela Stock/Vlasta Delimar
press photo 2 | Tomislav Gotovac, Talking (Rio Bravo), Performance 1982, Osijek, Courtesy Galerie Michaela Stock/Collection Sarah Gotovac
press photo 3 | Sebastian Gärtner, kil khor kora, Performance, 2012, Vienna, Courtesy Galerie Michaela Stock/Sebastian Gärtner
press photo 4 | Alexander Viscio, StandBy, Sebastian, 2005, Vienna, Courtesy Galerie Michaela Stock/Alexander Viscio
press photo 5 | Beate Susanne Wehr, I am here - Eine Hommage an On Kawara, 2015, Vienna, Courtesy Galerie Michaela Stock/Beate Susanne Wehr
press photo 6 | Sofia Cruz, you, Performance, 2014, Mexico, Courtesy Galerie Michaela Stock/Sofia Cruz
press photo 7 | María José Alós Esperón, Vox Populi, Courtesy Galerie Michaela Stock/María José Alós Esperón
press photo 8 | Fritzia Irízar, Untitled (disappeared symbol), photo: Fritzia Irízar Courtesy Galerie Michaela Stock/Fritzia Irízar
press photo 9 | Veronika Merklein, Pose 1 - Marina Abramovic, photo: Christian Messner, Courtesy Galerie Michaela Stock/Veronika Merklein
press photo 10 | Goran Škofić, BlackOut, Courtesy Galerie Michaela Stock/Goran Škofić
press photo 11 | Anna Vasof, Fingerprints and Signature for the Today's Eternity, photo: Anna Vasof Courtesy Galerie Michaela Stock/ Anna Vasof
press photo 12 | Tomislav Gotovac, Joe Williams Rocks in my Bed, 2001, photo: Sandro Đukić, Vienna, Courtesy Galerie Michaela Stock/Collection Sarah Gotovac

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