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This exhibition takes place within Vienna Art Week 2014.
18.11. - 23.11.2014

UNTERER STOCK galerie michaela stock, Schleifmühlgasse 18, 1040 Vienna


Guided-Tour: Friday, November 21, 6 pm
An Artist-guided tour through the exhibition HARDIFIX followed by an Aperitivo in the Gallery.


"For an accurate, climatological reading, the rain gauge must be placed in a suitable location that is representative of the local climate. [...] Though simple in principle, the rain gauge is very error-prone in practice." (transl. of the German Wikipedia entry "Niederschlagsmesser")
The ephemeral nature of news, forecasts and weather forecasts is a significant indicator for the exhibition "HARDIFIX." Patrick Baumüller sheds light on the frequent errors found in (climate) measurements while addressing basic questions about design and the perception of materials; his search is also focused on finding traces of social and political relationship networks.
Baumüller explores how forms of the ephemeral can be turned into a sculptural dialog.

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Patrick Baumüller

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