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MARKO ZINK | OLYMPIA | 15. May - 18 June 2014
Finissage: 18 June 2014, 6 - 8 pm
WHERE: Galerie Michaela Stock & UNTERER STOCK, Schleifmühlgasse 18, 1040 Vienna


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Friday, 16 May from 11am onwards
Private view: Austrian farmer's brunch and presentation of the "JungbauernSTEHkalender" from 11am to 4pm
The Brunch will take place at the Ristorante Gino e Maria (located across from the gallery).
At the same time a selection from the series schwimmer will be presented there.

Friday, 16 May, from 6 pm onwards,
Lukas Troberg, light-installation On AIR

Saturday, 17 May from 2pm to 3pm:
Screening: Marko Zink schwimmer & im wald, Unterer Stock
Artist talk with Marko Zink and Wolfgang Huber-Lang (Austrian Press Agency)

Sunday, 18 May from 11am to 2pm:
Photo shoot with Marko Zink – Become your own Olympic athlete and have your picture taken by Marko Zink

Nouvelle Vague is a style originating from French cinema in the 1950s/1960s. This movement was directed against the deadlocked language of images and predictable story lines of established commercial cinema. It was shot outside of the film studio with photosensitive material, without artificial lightning, and, thus, became highly influential for visual aesthetics in photography and movies. The specific body dramatization illustrated central moments – a caesura between cut and break, fragmentation and discontinuity – and popular corporal concepts were ironically put into question.

This is exactly where Marko Zink picks up the thread with his new series Olympia. His images offer a duplex perception. Marko Zink leaves it to the observer to sink into it, or to pick the perception of the person they like. The artist's new series primarily deals with the interplay between physicalness and aesthetics, but also with body dramatization and the parade of the "perfect young male body".

Marko Zink is part of the photographic avant-garde and by consequently addressing the "end of photography" ("Das Ende der Fotografie", Kunstforum Bd. 172, 2004) literally forces an end from this title. Marko Zink contrasts the scene editing of "staged photography" with a very subjectively motivated, almost private materiality, which, unlike staged still frames, cannot be transformed into the mechanisms of photographic realism. Instead, it extracts a poetic materiality from the still life subject ("nature morte") immanent to the occidental art history, which only seems to track down the catalyst for a limited period of time and, thus, also contains its dissolution, its de-materialisation. (Ingo Springenschmidt, Über Marko Zink, 2008)

Inspired by the Austrian Young Farmers' Calendar, Zink shows the sensual aspects of country life and farm tasks in accordance with nature's circle of the year. The disruption with the mostly solid and conservative image of young farmers is reflected in the protagonist's new self-respect: The Olympic athletes of each month do not show their faces, but hide behind a mask – they become exchangeable and anonymous, yet they seem proud.
There is, among others, a cowboy, a football player, a sergeant, etc. All in all, genuinely manly professions which challenge heterosexual standards as well as heroic manly ideals and thereby directly bring up the issue of homosexuality that has recently been in the media focus again. Marko Zink presents this erotic conglomeration as if he were a circus director, similar to the aesthetics of Leni Riefenstahl or Fritz Lang.

The photos are then pinned onto the gallery walls like vulgar posters, also a reference to the calendar character, and life-size cardboard farmers smilingly welcome the visitors. In the tradition of Nouvelle Vague, Marko Zink has shot three short movies reducing the erected masculinity to absurdity by means of a hand camera.

Marko Zink opens up a double bottom of perception with his analogue stagings, which leaves room for both: a piece of reality and a piece of phantasy. (Andrea Domesle: Es ist so. In: Exhibition catalogue "Es ist so", Galerie Michaela Stock, 2008)

More information on the series OLYMPIA in the current interview with Marko Zink by Wolfgang Huber-Lang > here

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press release
Press photo 1 | 0755_16 from the series OLYMPIA
Press photo 2 | 4006_12 from the series OLYMPIA
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Marko Zink

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