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performance, installation
15th March – 8th May 2013
Opening: Thursday, 14.3.2013, 6-9 pm, performance: 6.30 – 8 pm
Where: Galerie Michaela Stock & NEXT DOOR, Schleifmühlgasse 18, 1040 Vienna


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3 - 5 May 2013

Performance & Artist Talk: Alexander Viscio & Slaven Tolj (artist, director MSSU Rijeka)

Catalog Presentation: Alexander Viscio Hard Place skirt with a text by Ilse Lafer & Synne Genzmer / vienna weekend gallery



The focal point of Alexander Viscios artistic work is to create new meanings of literary conventions. Verbal puns are processed and created to represent the everyday interaction between people and expand their perception of it.

Where it is the goal of the artist, not only demonstrate the vulnerability of language, but also show how language can be reconstructed in order to find a more objective access to our surroundings.

Michaela in the gallery floor is inter alia be seen with "Hard Place Rock" another "VAL Vehicles for Another Landscape", derived from a series of objects that is continuously expanded since 1999.

To the artist: "VAL is a series of performance-based devices, which allow me to navigate through the exhibition area, and so test out its physiological and psychological parameters and at the same time the audience."

Rock Hard Place (2013) is a hybrid between a so-called DynaSphere (a means of transportation from 1932) and a modernized form of a hamster wheel. The words "Hard Place" and "Rock" are cut into Braille in each of the two sides of the object. These holes are reminiscent of the so-called "glory holes" erotic peep shows and provide access to what is in the bike, what it brings to rotate. The artist is present in the object on the transverse struts of the wheel and back border, which moves the structure from one end of the gallery to the other. With this action, he forces the audience to avoid the moving sculpture, they are caught between the "rock" (the wheel) and a "hard" place (the gallery walls).

In NEXT DOOR michaela gallery stock will be documenting the Artist In Residence program to see Occupy, which was held in Tuzla / Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2012.

The "Occupy Wall Street" movement started with tent cities in Union Square New York and spread to global venues, but - as Alexander Viscio - "I realized that the movement has not helped the majority of the discrepancies in the economic population statistics of the United to influence states. "If anything, the artist continues, the movement was an effort of the base, the term" Occupy "more than a metaphor used to leave without significant consequences to the target of criticism.

"Occupy" A.I.R. 2012 was an attempt to update the word "Occupy" in a physical context, which should provide the public with a framework for actions that should lead to clear forms and effects. In Tuzla, the word "Occupy" was conceived for the first time in one dimension and constructed to up to 180 residents of the city were in place to occupy it. The space has been transformed into a platform for action, on the one hand the pain and the sorrow of the deceased in the war room and offered the other hand, a joy declaration of survivors within "Occupy" showed.

Alexander Viscio

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