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ALEXANDER VISCO | StandBys, VALs and Gifs for the pocket
1.9. - 30.9.2013
WHERE: Katugalleria, Ubi, Finnland


A multimedia interactive exhibition that is presented in 8 different locations in Ubi, Finland that offers a body of work and work of the body:

The fulcrum of my work is to create visual meaning(s) from literary conventions. Through the manipulation of verbal puns designed to re-present and expand our view of day-to-day interactions between people, the goal remains not only to expose the vulnerability of language but literally re-construct it in a way that allows us to participate innovatively with the world around us.

Since 1980 I've been importing myself as I visual axis to where the environment becomes a performance platform. I call these interventions StandBys, a critical/endorsing reaction designed to insert myself into an artwork/exhibition or public context. At times these actions are spontaneous, at other times they are planned with minimal yet essential props to illustrate comment. StandBys are never sponsored and are always executed without sanction.

Using garage technologies to build mobilizing structures, I am more navigator than performer. These units contain my body as its motor system enabling me to move throughout selected spaces, presenting visual/physical circumstances that elicit the engagement in the viewers perception of their own active presence in the space they occupy; I call these VAL, Vehicles for Another Landscape.

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