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Tomislav Gotovac & Sandro Ðukić
18.1. – 9.3.2013
Opening: 17.1.2013 18h
Where: Galerie Michaela Stock & NEXT DOOR galerie michaela stock, Schleifmühlgasse 18, 1040 Vienna

Speak quietly

Sandro Ðukić und Zora Cazi-Gotovac, Sarah Gotovac and Darko Šimičić (curators of the Tomislav Gotovac institute) will be present at the opening.

In Galerie Michaela Stock analogue, black and white photos, all stemming from the period between 1960 and the 1990s, offer an insight into Tomislav Gotovac´s photographic oeuvre. Among others, the exhibition features works from the 1960s, which so far have only been shown once or are open to the public for the first time. The exhibition´s centre pieces are Gotovac´s probably most famous works Heads (1970) and the vintage photo Speak quietly but always hold a stick by your legs (1988/97).
Gotovac began his career with his first photographic works in the late 1950s until he eventually turned to collages, performances and movies in the early 1960s. His artistic starting point was always the task to uncover the conditions of everyday life and to re-interpret historical and political facts and political manipulations.
An important aspect of Tomislav Gotovac´s work is the interaction of life and art. He always worked with his body and put himself into the centre. His actions usually feature everyday deeds, e.g. in Breathing the Air (1962). He chose public spaces for his performance acts, thereby putting the life we are used to into a new focus and at the same time allowing us to gain new perspectives. An integral part of his work are quotations by and homages to other artists, such as Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Jacques Prévert or Jean-Luc Godard.
NEXT DOOR galerie michaela stock contrasts Gotovac´s photos with the works "Body Scan" by Sandro Ðukić (Zagreb/Croatia, 1964). Ðukić studied at Đuro Seder (member of Gorgona groupe) and afterwards with the two pioneers of video art, Nam June Paik and Nan Hoover. His works deal with the interdependence of media such as photographs, video and installation, but also with the saving, documentation and data-storage of reality, which is subject to the procedure of photography and exposure by various media.
"Body Scan", the portrait of the friend, comprises 510 intimate photos that were taken in 2005, as collaborative project of Đukić and Gotovac. Ðukić presents some kind of "archive" of Gotovac´s body, which was his artistic material throughout his entire life and which always assumed a central role in his oeuvre.

Đukić has created archive and transformed digitally stored photos into a movie, which he presents as a video object, photographic work as well as artist book, that he display at the exhibition.

Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz
At the same time Kunsthalle Wien will present in the SlideShowRoom Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz, a series of Tomislav Gotovac´s most important avant-garde, structuralist movies. The use of colloquial language adds a hitherto unknown sense of radicalness to his movies, which already embraced socially critical issues in the early 1960s. In 1967, he organized the first happening in Yugoslavia and turned his photo series into movies, which shall be seen as documents of his performances.

The Forenoon of a Faun (1963)
Trilogie: Straight Line (Stevens – Duke), Blue Rider (Godard - Art), Circle (Jutkevič – Count)
Glenn Miller I. (1977), Glenn Miller 2000 (2000), Dead Man Walking (2003)

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