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In the 1980s Alexander Viscio studied Fine Arts in Multi-Media and Critical Theory with John Baldessari at CalArts (California Institute of the Arts) in Valencia, California,. Over several years he teached 3D-Design at Jersey State College in New Jersey. Besides his artistic work he regurarly curated contemporary art exhibitions – actually he writes a weekly column online at, where he portrays international young artists.

By generating new meaning(s) from literary conventions Alexander Viscio's work examines the means by which one sets out to explore and challenge the boundaries both implicit and overt that are sustained in the language we use and the structures we build to order, protect, define and give meaning to our Lives.

For over 3 decades what remains insistent in Viscio's work is the phenomenon of encounter when the viewer/guest surreptitiously find's themselves directly in the path of the framework developing around them, influencing the ebb and flow of their peripheral and the content that ensues.

Whether it is with large scale public sculpture or sculpture specifically designed to encapsulate his body to be used as vehicles for other landscapes (VAL), Viscio engages the notion of time having pleats and the potential of immersion in a fabric-fold of Time. His work derives from the reflective constraints of form, submersion and subversion. As the collective is held hostage by the passage of time, Alexander Viscio holds himself and the public hostage within the work through language constructs that become form. In a crimped moment, the action of restraint becomes paramount in his operations.

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