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8–10 November 2013
We are delighted to announce our first participation at Artissima. We are looking forward to welcoming you at the MAIN SECTION, booth PINK 2
Feel free to get back to us for ticket requests and general inquiries. We will show the following artists: Sandro Ðukić, Tomislav Gotovac and Slaven Tolj


The Croatian Contemporary arts scene is defined by a specific dynamic of rupture and continuity. The show Speak Quietly at this years Artissima combines two generations of Croatian artists: Tomislav Gotovac, film-director, concept & performance artist; Slaven Tolj – multimedia artist, curator, director of MMSU Rijeka and the emerging artist Sandro Ðukić, who studied at Đuro Seder (Gorgona Group) and afterwards with Nam June Paik and Nan Hoover.

Tomislav Gotovac's artistic belief has always been to uncover the conditions of everyday life and to re-interpret historical and political facts as well as political manipulations. Integral parts of his work are quotations by and homages to other artists, such as Glenn Miller, Jacques Prévert or Jean-Luc Godard. An important aspect of Gotovac's work was the interaction of life and art, thus his actions usually featured everyday deeds, e.g. in Breathing the Air (1962). He chose public spaces for his performance acts, thereby putting the life we are used to into a new focus in order to gain new perspectives. The title of the vintage-photography Speak quietly but always hold a stick by your leg (1988/97) refers to a slogan of T. Roosevelt („Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far"). This „Exhibitionistic Performance" action is part of his so-called „Paranoia View Art" (PVA) and dedicated to Glenn Miller. Dead Man Walking (2003) - Gotovac's experimental b/w film - is a provocative collage and a personal reckoning with the political ideologies of the 20th century and the cultural establishment in Yugoslavia in the 1960s and 1970s.

Sandro Ðukić contrasts Gotovac's photos with the works Body Scan. His work deals with the interdependence of media such as photographs, video and installation, but also with the saving, documentation and data-storage of reality, which is subject to the procedure of photography and exposure by various media. Body Scan, the portrait of a friend, comprises 510 intimate photos that were taken in 2005, as a collaborative project of Đukić and Gotovac. Ðukić presents an "archive" of Gotovac's body, as an ultimate solution of making a "portrait" in a digital environment, which was Gotovac's artistic material throughout his entire life. The archive comprises photography, a video-object and converted back to classic printed photography; as well as the presentation of the whole archive in analogue media in a form of a unique artist book.

With his work I love Zagreb (2008), Slaven Tolj created a reconstruction on two levels. I love Zagreb was a reference to the performance Zagreb I love you by Tomislav Gotovac from 1971. Performed as part of a series of events entitled Operation: City 2008, Tolj's trigger for this performance was the assassination of Ivo Pukanić, the owner of the newspaper Nacional – or, more precisely, the security camera footage showing the suspect leaving the crime scene with his face hidden behind a motorcycle helmet walking through the centre of Zagreb. In the performance Tolj re-enacted his walk wearing a motorcycle helmet himself. "I paraphrased the title of Gotovac's performance and the place of the action – Zagreb city centre. While Gotovac walked naked and lay down on the asphalt of Zagreb high-street Ilica thus "making love" to the city, I walked through the city centre completely masked and covered. This way I emphasized on different contexts of these two performances, the difference between the conditions of these two actions; the differences between the social and cultural environments of time they were created; the differences in the meaning of art then and now".

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