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LILO NEIN | RELATION(SHIP)S | viennacontemporary
21. - 24.9.2017
WHERE: Marx Halle Vienna | Booth: E14


Galerie Michaela Stock presents

LILO NEIN | Relation(ship)s
curated by Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein

Lilo Nein: Relation(ship)s

Lilo Nein's presentation at the Vienna Contemporary is dedicated to the various relation(ship)s which govern the production and reception of artworks. With regard to the artist's practice, the term "production" refers to the act of implementing artistic mindsets aesthetically and formally; it is understood to be a space which gives rise to intermedial, performative action. This includes both analog and digital cultural techniques in which the coordinates of space, time, materiality, the object, and recipients are mapped onto the synaesthetic experience of artistic approaches. Visitors are also coproducers; they are invited to position themselves both physically and mentally within this act of mapping and choose their own path. They are navigators whose individual interests appear within "The Order of Things." This also entails interest in each other, and these interpersonal encounters are inextricably linked to the aesthetic.

An installation and series of photographic works by Lilo Nein will be exhibited at the Vienna Contemporary.

Small-format, framed pictures appear on the first table in her installation. Partly they are placed and piled on top of one another. There is also a sign with the following inscription: "Please touch the objects." The artist invites viewers to hold the pictures in their hands and then put them aside so that they can see the pictures underneath. In doing so, visitors should forge their own paths when viewing the installation, which continues to change as a result of this "instruction." The second part of the installation consists of three tables which display works on paper in an order that was chosen by the artist. This composition is also temporary and is not fixated beyond the moment of the exhibition. However, visitors cannot influence this phenomenon.
The photo series Flower Meadows presented on the wall, comprises three works with the same floral motif in different sizes. The works' titles (Large Flower Meadow, Medium Flower Meadow, Small Flower Meadow) attest to this fact. Each format embodies its own unique quality which, in turn, thematizes the scale and the process of depicting the image itself. Consequently, the size of the works also changes the viewers' position in relation to the image. The largest picture is a unique copy; there are two copies of the medium-sized one and three copies of the smallest one. The artist's work reflects the interplay of relation(ship)s between what is seen and what the work conceptualizes.

The works Sea, Flut from the Archive Landscapes series will be on display. In the work Sea, Flut the sentence "Sometimes I dance in my texts" can be read before it disappears into an abstract landscape. This shifts the meaning of the words and alludes to the processual relationship between the individual images.

The photographic works presented as part of the Vienna Contemporary include, for the most part, both analog and digital processes. However, the artist developed an image technique which uses negatives she produced herself to translate the digital image into an analog. This allows viewers to retrace vestiges of the analog and digital processes in equal measure. Layer by layer, Lilo Nein juxtaposes the way relation(ship)s are created with, among, and contrary to one another from a media archeological perspective.

Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein

with the friendly support: Tischlerie Christian Zendron

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