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Donnerstag, 30.Januar 2020, 18 Uhr
Museo Archivio Laboratorio per le Arti Contemporanee Hermann Nitsch, Vico Lungo Pontecorvo 29/d, Neapel

Milijana Babić Working day
Video documentation of perfromance, 2011.

Drako Fritz Zagreb Confidential - Imaginary Futures experimental film, 13' 30'', 2015.

Igor Grubić How Steel Was Tempered 2D animation,12'40", DCP, 2018.

Ana Hušman Lunch video kolor PAL, 4:3, 16mm transferred to BETA, 16'40'' 2008.

Marko Marković Sharpening Video documentation of perfromance, 12' 04'', 2012.

Renata Poljak Porvenir one channel video instalation, 12', 16:9. 2019

The artists Marko Markovic e Igor Grubic will be present

Through the work of 6 artists, the screening Economies of Living presents an insight into the production of video art Made in Croatia around the theme of the economy and intrinsically to the medium itself of moving images. The word ecomony - from the Greek oikos / home and nomos / law - is addressed in the six works exhibited in different meanings relating to both the more intimate and collective spheres, in a micro dimension of the everyday and macro in an urban public scenario .

From a cinematographic approach to graphic animation passing through performative documentation to animation, Ecomonies of Living returns the energy of visual experiments of an extremely prolific artistic area of ​​Eastern Europe.

Economies of Living, curated by Adriana Rispoli and Karla Pudar, is the second collaboration of the Morra Foundation of Naples with the Domino Project in Zagreb after Smashing the Myth in 2018 and is supported by the City of Zagreb.

Marko Marković


Video documentation of perfromance, 12' 04'', 2012.

Sharpening performance took place on 44 Wall Street on the first police block barricade of Security zone at Financial district, NYC. In performance artist is sharpening two knifes one against the other giving the clear massage. In this performance artist has brought the weapons in security zone at the Wall street. The act of creating such a performance counter defensive field confronting to "their" defensive field (barricades), mounted to protect the security zone. This type of protection from a higher ones creates a general threat and restricts freedom of speech, movement and action. Two months after the performance in August of the same year at Time Square in New York City police shoot and kill a man with 12 bullets. A man was killed because he possessed a weapon, a knife.

Marko Markovic was born in 1983 in Osijek, Croatia, lives in Vienna. He graduated painting at Art Academy in Split in 2007 in the class of prof. Gorki Žuvela. He also does researches in different media: video, installation, ambient, performance and happening. In these works he often animates and includes audience and/or other participants as the expression medium. He is the founder and member of a flexible formation Adistia, a group of people that operates in performance activities, as an art group, art community, or organization. He participated in numerous exhibitions, workshops and festivals in Croatia and abroad.

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