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kuratiert von Patrick Morrissey and Hanz Hancock
9.11.- 15.12.2019

KüntslerInnen: Zarah Hussein, Tony Blackmore, Benet Spencer, Laurence Noga, Patrick Morrissey, Hanz Hancock, Ian Thompson, Dominic Beattie, Tim Ellis, Jyll Bradley, Stephen Jaques, Hans Kotter, Carol Robertson, Trevor Sutton

University of Greenwich, London, GB

An exhibition of non-objective, reductive and systems-based art.

The first experience of seeing work and its immediate impact on the viewer within an architectural context has always been a specific consideration for the curators, Patrick Morrissey and Hanz Hancock.

The curators state: "Geometric form is a language that elicits an immediate response whether in relation to work on paper, interior design, furniture design, sculpture or the wider architectural environment. Repetition, pattern and structure are recognisable and identifiable cultural signifiers, universally accessible and familiar across political and social divides. Geometric, systems, minimalist and non-objective art have long been associated with and regarded as typifying developments in the design movements of the early to mid-twentieth century. However, the physical, material and creative characteristics contained or displayed by the work in this exhibition – whether intended or by coincidence – reflect qualities or concerns that are still relevant to today's rapidly changing physical and social contexts. The works chosen for this exhibition reflect these considerations and are by definition both contemplative and conceptual in the broadest sense.

Each work presented in Possible Architectures represents a constant process-led exploration of conceptual space within the developing post-minimalist universal canon and will include contextual information explaining the processes (algorithms, procedures, codes and keys) used to make them".

Artist-curators Morrissey and Hancock run Saturation Point, an online editorial and curatorial project space,

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