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11.5. - 24.11.2019
Eröffnung: 9. Mai, 17 Uhr
Wo: TESA 100, ARSENALE NORD, Venedig
Izvor Pende, Slaven Tolj, Marijana Pende

Point of departure, that is the starting point, in the works of the three artists represents the starting point of movement which is not determined in a straight line and not follows an orbit clearly determined and visible. In societies where the evolutionary effect is measured according to the movement always directed towards the future and in the "foward" direction, stopping and examining one's own movement manifests itself as a problem in traffic. The fear of stopping brings also the fear of confrontation Lacanian andl'identification with your "ego", recognition of your defeat and thepotential knowledge of the fact that our movement makes no sense, that our almostrevolutions lead us nowhere. Fear that we are traveling by train without number, without last stop.

The collective exhibition brings together internationally renowned artists, born and raised in Dubrovnik: Izvor Pende (Kunstakademie Düsseldorf), Slaven Tolj (Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo, associated with numerous international art exhibitions such as Documenta) and Marijana Pende (Accademia di Belle Arti, Venezia).

The stratification of the works of the three artists eludes clear definition and conscious examination of one's own work and practice. Their works dwell on the limit between binary oppositions– figurative/abstract, sculpture/object, performance/situation, artistic work/children's drawing, examining the power of the limit as the place of provocation of accepted divisions.


The collective exhibition "Point of Interrupted Departures" presents an important conclusionof the twinning signed between the City of Dubrovnik and the City of Venice in 2012proposes the agenda of strengthening cultural exchanges between the two sister cities. Ratherthan to focus exclusively on their rich heritage, with this project bothcities place an emphasis on the contemporary moment as a demonstration of the strongpresence of the contemporary art scene.

Artists: Izvor Pende, Slaven Tolj, Marijana Pende

Commissioner: Città di Dubrovnik, Museo d'Arte Moderna Dubrovnik

Curated by Jelena Tamindžija

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